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Electrostatic Separation Equipment

Place of Origin: Henan, China( Mainland ) Brand Name: ZT
Warranty: 1 Year Weight: 2000kg
Dimension(LxWxH): 3.2mx1.9mx2.8m Model: ZT-E1800
Voltage Range: 110V\ 220V\ 380V\ 460V Power: 4.8kw
Port: Qingdao/ Tianjin port Application: Major Industries
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Through high-voltage electrostatic separation of conductor and non-conductor materials, this equipment is suitable for recovering circuit board, recovering wires and cables, aluminum plastic boards, aluminum plastic pipes, aluminum foil and other materials separation.

Electrostatic separation equipment is simple and easy to maintain and operate. It is also conducive to environmental protection. It is an important part of circuit board recycling equipment and copper wire separator as well.

1. High precision and excellent separation effect.

2. Good stability and no pollution.

When the conductor materials are electrified, static electricity is released to the grounding device through the grounding rotating roller. Coupled with the inertia of the rotating roller, the conductor materials will be thrown into the conductor hopper. While the non-conductor materials are electrified, due to their poor electrical conductivity, they are absorbed on the surface of the rotating roller, and as the roller turns to the back, they will be swept by the brush and fall into the non-conductor hopper.

Part of the conductor and non-conductor materials will fall into the mixed hopper due to different reasons, such as roller speed, equipment baffle adjusting distance, material particles’ sizes and the amount of electricity. And then you can operate again for sorting.

The equipment carries out sorting according to the conductivity of different materials in the closed high-voltage electric field and selects materials in accordance with different physical properties, and the sorting corona electric field uses stainless steel materials plus the special corona electrode to ensure the stability of the sorting electric field.

Dimension ( L×W×H )
Voltage Range
110V\ 220V\ 380V\ 460V

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