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Magnetic Separator

Place of Origin: Henan, China( Mainland ) Brand Name: ZT
Warranty: 1 Year Weight: 200kg
Dimension(LxWxH): 2.0mx0.45mx1.5m Model: ZT-M601
Voltage Range: 110V\ 220V\ 380V\ 460V Power: 0.75kw
Port: Qingdao/ Tianjin port Application: Major Industries
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It is composed of high-performance permanent magnetic core, abandoned iron belt, gear motor, frame and other components, which can be used together with a variety of conveyors.

1. Excellent motor performance.

2. Great wear resistance and aging resistance of the conveyor belt.

3. Perfect dual-pole magnetic structure with high magnetic field strength, large gradient and suction.

It is used to remove iron materials.

Two conveyor belts run in opposite directions, one of which contains a magnetic field. In this way, the iron materials will be adsorbed on the conveyor belt and separated from other metals. The separated metals are delivered to separate collection containers.

The internal magnetic circuit uses the computer simulation design and improved dual-pole structure to ensure that the entire machine can operate without failure in harsh environments in the long term.

Machine Size ( L×W×H )
Voltage Range
110V\ 220V\ 380V\ 460V

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