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Wet Copper Wire Separator

Place of Origin: Henan, China( Mainland ) Brand Name: ZT
Warranty: 1 Year Model: ZTSS-200
Dimension(LxWxH): 3.2mx2.9mx2.3m Weight: 2000kg
Voltage Range: 110V\ 220V\ 380V\ 460V Power: 25.5kw
Port: Qingdao/ Tianjin port Application: Major Industries
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It is an advanced technology to deal with the waste cables by the copper wire separator, which was used in some industrial developed countries such as America from 1980s. The advanced copper wire separator processes the waste cables very well.  After a series of processing, those waste copper cables can be broken down to pure copper particles and plastic particles. These copper particles, which are called copper-rice, can be used directly. While it is much more popular in China now. There are many different types and kinds of the copper wire separators for using.

The water-circulating copper wire separator is an environmental protecting device, compared to the traditional water-shaking copper wire separator. Its outstanding feature is saving water, recycling water for the whole machine, and separating extremely without wasting waster.

Its separation rate is up to 99.9% without picking up those cables or wires. No dust, no drainage, and no pollution! It is an excellent environmental protection equipment.

It is capable of processing various kinds of waste wires, such as automobile circuits,  electric scooters, as well as the wires of TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, communication facilities and computers, even with some other wires like woolen yarn, which are not suitable for processing in other wire stripping machines.

1. According to the market situation, it has many great advantages: compact structure and reasonable layout, safe and reliable, easy to install.

2. It covers an area of 3m×2.5m. No need for professional plants and infrastructure.

You can save your investments.

3. No dust during the wet separation, and no water-pollution in internal water-circulating system.

4. Good adaptability and easy operation. Intelligent control and continuous feeding make it easy to operate and save your time and energy, to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

5. Unique combination of the crusher keeps the production at 500kg/h and the separating rate more than 99.8%.

Under the action of water gravity, two kinds of substances with different densities, go through the deflection caused by amplitude motion on the screen surface with a certain angle. The copper particles move forward to the copper outlet, while the plastic particles flow out of the skin outlet with water. Then the separation of copper and plastic has been finished.

Dimension ( L×W× H )
Voltage Range
110V\ 220V\ 380V\ 460V
110V\ 220V\ 380V\ 460V
110V\ 220V\ 380V\ 460V

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