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Dry Copper Wire Separator

Place of Origin: Henan, China( Mainland ) Brand Name: ZT
Warranty: 1 Year Model: ZTGS-600
Dimension(LxWxH): 3.6mx2.0mx2.2m Weight: 3000kg
Voltage Range: 110V\ 220V\ 380V\ 460V Power: 42.5kw
Port: Qingdao/ Tianjin port Application: Major Industries
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It is an advanced technology to deal with the waste cables by the copper wire separator.After the technical adjustment of iterations, the advanced copper wire separator has an excellent effect on the disposal of the waste cables.After a series of processing, those waste copper cables can be broken down to pure copper particles and plastic particles.These copper particles, which are called copper-rice, can be used directly. The method that the solid recycling industries deal with the used cables in China, is mainly to use copper wire separators to screen and finally collect copper particles and plastic particles.

The automatic dry copper wire separator (the equipment of recycling used cables or wires) is mainly used to dispose those oil-free wires such as used communication wires, vehicle wires, computer wires, telephone wires, household appliances wires, and etc. It is also called the copper-rice separator because the separated copper particles are like rice, which is an efficient and useful device for reusing waste cable wires for the present.

1. The flat-like structure is easy to disassemble and assemble. The whole machine is compact and easy to move or transport because of its high flexibility.

2. Controlled by PLC. Continuous feeding makes it easy to operate and save your time and energy to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

3. The crusher adopts high hardness spindle and alloy steel blade to ensure efficiency and durability. CNC machine works more quietly, reducing much noise.

4. Its air separator makes the screening rate up to over 98%. No chemical changes will occur to the materials during the whole production process. Copper and plastic particles can be recycled directly.

5. The bag precipitator can control the dust overflowing effectively with its high efficiency of dust removing. The production processing has met the environmental standards and safety standards.

6. Wearing parts and screens are made of high-toughness wear-resistant alloy materials, which greatly improves service life and reduces production costs.

The automatic dry copper wire separator (the equipment of recycling used cables or wires):

Step1: materials will be crushed to about 3mm by the crusher;

Step2: copper and plastic particles will be obtained by high -precision air separation;

Step3: the unseparated plastic particles will be separated by shaking again;

           ( This step is to ensure the recycling of copper! )

Attention: the equipment is fully controlled by PLC, with large output, low power consumption, high recycling rate, and easy operation !

Dimension ( L×W×H )
Voltage Range
110V\ 220V\ 380V\ 460V
110V\ 220V\ 380V\ 460V
110V\ 220V\ 380V\ 460V

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